Our Story

Learning music should be fun! 

Dull and boring has never been  Studio 7 Media Group.  We began in a small German village with a small store front studio, located right next to an ice cream shop! We established the studio as a place for students of all ages to be encouraged to hang out with each other and experience music in a fun and exciting way. 

From there we have expanded to include creatives from all the arts. Over the last few years, we have had the opportunity to connect with some amazing musicians, authors, speakers, film makers and artists.  One unfortunate discussion always seemed to come up.  "How can I make a living doing the art I love and was created to do?" 

The entertainment industry is expanding at the expense of the creatives.  Streaming services have made music and films more readily accessible but have also destroyed many important revenue streams for the very writers and musicians enjoyed by the public. As a result, it has and will continue to become more and more difficult for musicians and writers, in every form, to earn money from their art that will be sufficient to provide for their basic needs.

Mass produced, inexpensive artwork and crafts, and also industrial reproductions of handcrafted items, have also impacted income the independent artist and craftsman relied on for their existence. It is tough for a carpenter to spend days handcrafting and incredible piece and then compete with a box store version produced by a machine at a fraction of the expense.

STUDIO 7 MEDIA GROUP  recognizes that talented, remarkable and inspired artists need assistance with finding new revenue streams to support their needs while having creative space to create the art we all love and crave!  We are committed to staying on the cutting edge to help uncover those resources.

OUR hope is that ‘starving artist’ will be a term our artists are not forced to accept. 

When we all work together to help each other, the result is we all benefit. And that includes the fans! As creatives, we rely on our fans to assist us in promoting our art to their friends, as well as financially assisting us with support in the form of dollars. Just as buying local has become very important to small businesses, it is equally important to frequently support your favorite artists by purchasing their art. Or becoming a patron sponsor for your favorite artist. That is how most of our important art was created in the past. Financially blessed patrons who saw and believed in artists enough to invest their resources into supporting them while they spent their days creating beautiful art! We are so grateful for those wonderful patrons, for we would be missing so many incredible works without their investments. Now it is our turn to step up to help the wonderful artists that are in our personal sphere. Won’t you join us??